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We take special care in placing control joints much closer than the maximum distance allowed by Indiana State specifications. Control joints (scores) will relieve the stress imposed by curing, which is uncontrollable, by allowing the slab to crack in the straight joints rather than at random.

Another problem we are faced with here in Indiana is the type of aggregate most often used in concrete. The aggregate delivered, unless otherwise specified, is native river rock. The great glaciers that flattened most of Indiana deposited this rock here. Some of the rock is soft, sedimentary aggregate like shale. When these rocks are situated near the surface of the new concrete, they absorb moisture and in the winter will freeze, expand, and flake the top of your new concrete. That is why we use Class A crushed stone in our concrete to minimize moisture absorption and fiber mesh to help retain surface stone expansion. Fiber mesh is millions of strands of durable fiberglass that surrounds each stone to create a strong, consistent mesh throughout the slab.

The mesh mentioned above will prevent the sections of concrete from "heaving." This happens when moisture runs in the cracks, freezes, and just like an ice cube, expands. When this process is repeated many times over the course of just one winter, the results can be surprising.

Another preventative step we take is to seal the surface of our work with an industrial strength cure and seal compound. This sealant allows minimal to no water penetration, depending on the sealer type and number of coats. It is suggested to reseal your investment once a year, or even better, once in the spring and again in the fall. To do so, clean the surface well with detergent, bleach, or water, let dry completely, and then spray the clear sealant on with a pump-up lawn sprayer or the like or roll it on with short nap rollers. Our dedicated team is also available to continue our services to you by sealing your concrete either yearly or semiannually.

Structurally sound concrete can last many generations. We do all we can to be professionals at the forefront of concrete services. Any questions are welcome and will be answered to the best of our ability. All suggestions are considered and appreciated.

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